Who We Are

Our team of volunteer Congregational Coaches can help your congregation or regional ministry to rediscover:

Who you are

Where you are going

How to get there

We are available to support congregations, ministries, and committees in the Anglican Diocese of Huron (Ontario, Canada) to refocus, revitalize and re-energize.

Our Vision

A spiritually regenerated church

Our Purpose

To coach your congregation, ministry, or committee to a deeper experience of vocation and mission in your life in Christ

How We Work

toolkitThe Huron Congregational Coaches team is made up of lay and clergy volunteers who bring passion, vision, and skill to the ministry of coaching. We build on what is already life-giving in your midst. We come by the invitation of the congregation, regional ministry, or committee. While the bishop or archdeacons may suggest our services, it is your decision to work with a coach. Our services are free to churches (although coaches will accept an honorarium) and organizations within the Diocese of Huron. A coach or a team of coaches can work with your congregation or ministry to:

  • Help you discover your shared values, identity, and vision
  • Prepare the ground for a healthy, growing church
  • Discern your congregation’s, ministry’s, or committee’s gifts
  • Equip you to carry out, sustain, and celebrate your unique purpose in Christ

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The process of arranging for a coach to work with you starts with a phone call. Click the phone icon for contacts.


The Congregational Coaches team includes lay and clergy volunteers with a variety of skills and styles. Click the icon below to read our autobiographies.

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Do you think you might have the skills to work as a member of Huron’s Congregational Coaches team? Click the phone icon to reach contact people to begin the process of discernment.